Greenshoots is a business improvement facilitator. It's our mission to connect, up-skill and support CFOs.

We bring clarity so that your business can thrive collaboratively.

Know Your Business

See the benefit of third party input to fine-tune your systems and processes so your CEO and CFO can focus on the real work.

We believe targeted tools will maximise each role's impact and remove confusion and miscommunication.

We can help you identify the service that will be most useful to your business.

Greenshoots exists to ensure your business thrives.

Our offerings range from high-level strategic planning to individual CFO mentoring.

Whatever your needs,

we're here to help.

Breakthrough Strategy Session

A true meeting of the minds involving both CEO and CFO where we gain high-level understanding of your strategic objectives.

On-site Discovery Session

An on site session with your CFO where we deep dive into the day-to-day challenges, observing time allocations and identifying any roadblocks they face.

Integrated Planning Session

A debrief session where we identify priorities and agree on implementation strategies. All of the gathered information is integrated into tangible tools activated through our mentoring programme.


One-on-one mentoring to bring fresh perspectives, spark new ideas and empower CFOs to offer innovative initiatives that improve the bottom line.


Exclusive lunch meetings offering engaging guest speakers, tangible support and shared insights through a network of experienced peers.


Half-day to two-day consulting sessions that take stock of your current position, identify issues and recommend solutions. This often includes system analysis and opportunities for change.

Ongoing Empowerment

Greenshoots' tools help CFOs to simplify their tasks, clarify outputs and communicate confidently to achieve targeted outcomes.

Our mentoring programme is designed to unfold over twelve months, giving your CFO time to digest new concepts and test them in the workplace.

1 hour – Feedback and strategy update call – Weekly

2 hour – Financial review and strategy update call – Monthly

Half-day – Board meeting observation session – Quarterly

Real-time troubleshooting in emergencies – As needed


Brian Morton

B.Com, CA, PP

Director and Lead Consultant

Brian is passionate about helping people to realise their potential.

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